My prediction is that Amazon will select a hub that will give their employees a better life quality than Seattle. This means multiple things: warmer climate, community / cost of living and accessibility. I do not believe the battle is over state or city incentives and more focused on employee satisfaction and staff retention.

- San Diego California – great quality of life (weather/ the beach / mountains / deserts within 2 hours drive - something most of the Seattle professionals desire), decent cost of living (compared to Los Angeles, Seattle and Silicon Valley), high percentage of tech professionals, international hub

- Charlotte – excellent cost of living, warmer climate, high percentage of financial techs, international hub

- Austin / Dallas – good quality of life, low cost of living, high millennials tech demographics

- Denver – good quality of life (great ski slopes, hiking, clean air), high tech demographics, international hub, high cost of living

In my opinion the following cities have very limited changes of becoming the next HQ:

Chicago, Boston, Detroit and Washington DC

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