Is your company struggling with data overload, inconsistent integrity and unreliable reporting? We can help you deliver the best-in-class data integration from all your electronic systems, from the simplest to the most complex.

Corporate Data Governance?

You’ve most likely dealt with your IT department enforcing data governance policies, making sure all inputs are properly accounted and outputs thoroughly vetted. Our core belief is that decision making should be based on real-time, actionable and easy to use information available at your fingertips. We embrace, support and enforce your Data Governance policies. If your company does not yet have a data governance policy, we can help you define, implement, control and enforce your custom-made list of principles.

Excel Nightmare?

Are you struggling with getting large amounts of financial, engineering, risk and corporate information in a plethora of Excel spreadsheets distributed along single or multiple locations? Do you maintain a dedicated PMO office just to combine the nuts and bolts from all the scattered pieces of information? This is where we come in and help you strategize, build a solid document repository system, with automation, data validation, access control and full flexibility in mind.

We are experts in System Integration and Analytics. In this position, we can aggregate, combine, link and consolidate all your business inputs (budgets, forecasts, property condition reports, acquisition reports, investment metrics etc.), create the business-specific tools for you to digest the information and make necessary decisions (BI Dashboards, progress and status reports) and define the tailored outputs your company requires (financial statements, dynamic batch processors, report exporting tools).

Does your PMO team have to gather information from your Property Management software (i.e. YARDI Voyager), combine it with budget, cost and schedule data from your Project Management solution (Microsoft EPPM, Primavera P6, Asana) and benchmark it against your Portfolio Management budget, ROI and NPV (Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle BI) or your invoice actuals from your accounting solution (Deltek Vision, DPS, QuickBooks)? We know how time consuming, error-prone and resource-intensive is the process of integrating massive amounts of data from all your systems into easy-to-access tools and reports.

We are tool- and format-agnostic. We can import data of any type from any of your production systems, process it according to your internal routines, streamline and aggregate it, create tools that sit on top of your real-time data and create custom dynamic reports for you to use. We can export the data in any format you need or require making informed decisions, meet compliance requirements or archive records.

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